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Resolved! v35 causes one eye not to render

In our UE4 game (running on a custom 4.24 Oculus version of the engine), upgrading to v35 of the system software causes one of the eyes to not render. Nothing changed before going to v35. Has anyone else seen this?


UE4.26 unable to launch game on Quest v28

After updating to the Oculus branch of UE4 4.26.2 we can no longer launch our game builds on quests with versions lower than v30 (maybe 29).We have 2 headsets that are stuck on v28. They can't find any newer versions. Tried factory reset and restarti...

Issue packaging android ASTC

HI everyone, i had this noobie trouble:UEDeployAndroid.FilterStdOutErr: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. UEDeployAndroid.FilterStdOutErr: UEDeployAndroid.FilterStdOutErr: * What went wrong: UEDeployAndroid.FilterStdOutErr: Could not determine...

Ozua by Level 2
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Resolved! VR Preview mode is greyed out

Hello. I'm trying to connect Oculus Quest 2 to Unreal Engine. The glass is connected and active but I still the VR Preview button is greyed out. Do you have any idea how I can fix it? Thank you.

Hal_Kon by Level 2
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VOIP using blueprints...

I've managed to create and join a session online using blueprints. Is it possible to get VOIP working using blueprints as well? I have managed to get VOIP working using Steam subsystem, but doesn't seem to work when setup for Oculus. I'm just looking...

Get ASW FPS readout in game

Digging around a bit and I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can get the read out of ASW (ex: 36/72, 60/120 ) while in the game. I know about logcat and OVR metrics tool, but I'd like to have my developer menu show me the readout in the application....

"Sever Error" when uploading build to Quest

Hey everyone, I have been trying to upload the built to Quest for a while, but every time when I started uploading, this message came up: "Server error occurred. The request will be retired" (see image below) I have contacted Oculus support many time...

photo_2021-11-03 15.14.14.jpeg