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Resolved! Can someone help please? [re-open]

We are having some issues, please provide assistance 1.VRC.Mobile.Functional.1Progression Blocker: *This issue only occurs on the GEAR Steps to reproduce: 1. The user boots the app. 2. Progresses to the main menu 3. Selects any available option with...

GRADGR by Level 4
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Arc not working in UE4 with Occulus Go

The Arc on the motion controller is not working, it will only go to about how you see it in the image, and at the tip is this quickly rotating broken mesh that spins at the end, with bright cylinders slowly moving towards the end.This is using the VR...

VENAVR by Level 2
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[Gear VR] Multiplayer using Blueprints ?

The goal is to have one player to run UE4 app on Gear VR and host a session, inviting friends from the friend list (up to 4 people total, including player). Person who gets invited would run the same app and join the host.Is it something that can be ...

Oculus Go spatial sound with FMOD

Hi all.I'm trying to make spatial sound for Oculus Go app. I made event in FMOD studio and add it to UE 4.19.2. No any sound after deployment. But when I hit play from desktop with Oculus DK2 sound plays and it spatialized. Any ideas? Thanks.

toxyne by Level 3
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Orientation + Re-Orientation Issue

VRC.Mobile.Functional.6The app must reset the user’s orientation if the user removes the headset and puts it back on.Oculus Go specific: While on menus prior to gameplay, removing the headset and putting it back on reorients the user's point-of-view ...

GRADGR by Level 4
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Achievement Banner Display?

Does it exist? I have not seen the achievement unlocked in game other than the success events in code.Could some one confirm that a badge or banner gets displayed in game when an achievement gets unlocked? Maybe a screen shot so I even know where to ...

[GO] Objects sometimes turn bright white

Already posted this problem on the UE forums but maybe someone over here has an answer;Sometimes, objects turn totally white on the GO - see pic / movie. It only happens on the GO, not on Rift or desktop.In several projects, I notice objects sometime...

MaxArch by Level 7
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Did I install OSP for Wwise correctly?

Hello,I have a quick question regarding the proper install of the OSP for Unreal and Wwise on a Windows x64 machine. All the steps are straight forward except for the copy/paste of the .h header code. It says you only need to do that if you use the P...

Voice recognition feature?

The voice recognition is available on Oculus Rift home page for search/ lunch apps, I wonder if the function is available in audio SDK for app developments.Thanks a lot!

ab6365 by Level 2
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What is "Unreal Engine 4 Integration 1.29"?

Hi all!Sometimes I have read on the newsletters about UE integration, but I would want to ask you about what that it means. I'm an UE4 developer: Must I install something special for recognicing the devide or their functions and blueprints? Something...

Unreal running SAPI on separate thread

Hi guys I am working on a POC for a VR retail store and AI assistant. It is my first time programming for Rift with UE4 and I am having difficulties working out how to run the actor that speaks through SAPI at the begging of the program in a separate...

[GearVR] Gradle error during empty project build

Unreal Engine 4.20. Launcher version.Fresh project, mobile, scalable, no starter content.Trying to build empty project and getting error with com.google.vr.sdk.samples.permission.PermissionHelperOutput logAlso from running a './gradlew assembleDebug ...

VR Objects in UE4

Where can I find documentation about how to use "VR Objects" in UE4 to track physical objects?The only documentation I found so far is about mixed reality capture (https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/latest/concepts/unreal-mrc/), is it ...

xN31 by Level 4
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Resolved! Using oculus usernames in UE4

Hello, my name is Jacob. I have recently been busy trying to figure out how to acquire the current user's Oculus username but have been having a rather difficult time. When I tried to get the username using blueprints, neither method I utilized worke...

Oculus Go - Transparency with Reflection

Hi,I have had a good search and it appears in UE4 to create a reasonable water / glass material it seems like the limitations of GearVR means you can't have transparency with reflections using say SphereReflectionCapture actors (which appear to be th...

non-headlocked layer?

So i'm about to submit my first game for review and I'm using unreal engine to build it. what exactly is a non-headlocked layer?I can't seem to find what exactly this mean.from the vrc validator page I see this: Your app must launch into VR within 4 ...

4.20.1 weird screen issues

I am getting a weird glitch when I am using Unreal Engine 4.20.1 and the Oculus Rift. Please see the attached image. This happens even when I set up a blank project and set it as mobile target hardware, 2D 3D scale, and no starter content just like t...

No audio in Shipping build

In my Unreal project (4.18.3) the audio is working fine while playing in the editor, but doesn't work (it's completely silent) in a Shipping build.If I use the Vive instead of the Rift with the exact same Shipping build the audio works fine, so it's ...

Oculus home overriding app launch

Running into a recurring problem where the Oculus Home app tries to insert itself and then kill Unreal apps. Even when trying to launch from inside UE, Oculus jumps in and crashes the playback. Same thing when I package out a build. Really struggling...