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Resolved! Using oculus usernames in UE4

Hello, my name is Jacob. I have recently been busy trying to figure out how to acquire the current user's Oculus username but have been having a rather difficult time. When I tried to get the username using blueprints, neither method I utilized worke...

Oculus Go - Transparency with Reflection

Hi,I have had a good search and it appears in UE4 to create a reasonable water / glass material it seems like the limitations of GearVR means you can't have transparency with reflections using say SphereReflectionCapture actors (which appear to be th...

non-headlocked layer?

So i'm about to submit my first game for review and I'm using unreal engine to build it. what exactly is a non-headlocked layer?I can't seem to find what exactly this mean.from the vrc validator page I see this: Your app must launch into VR within 4 ...

4.20.1 weird screen issues

I am getting a weird glitch when I am using Unreal Engine 4.20.1 and the Oculus Rift. Please see the attached image. This happens even when I set up a blank project and set it as mobile target hardware, 2D 3D scale, and no starter content just like t...

No audio in Shipping build

In my Unreal project (4.18.3) the audio is working fine while playing in the editor, but doesn't work (it's completely silent) in a Shipping build.If I use the Vive instead of the Rift with the exact same Shipping build the audio works fine, so it's ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus home overriding app launch

Running into a recurring problem where the Oculus Home app tries to insert itself and then kill Unreal apps. Even when trying to launch from inside UE, Oculus jumps in and crashes the playback. Same thing when I package out a build. Really struggling...

ue4 4.20.1 broken controls {Resolved}

So I just updated to 4.20.1 and the key mapping for gamepad special left is not being called and no longer functions.... even if you make it into ainput mapping or calling it direct in a blueprint. when clicking the button on my oculus touch it no lo...

HTC Vive - Walking using hand controls.

Greetings everyone ! In this demonstrative video of the hand control of the live, we see a man moving in the walking environment, just as happens simultaneously in the UE4, can tell me if this shift in the virtual world is happening because the senso...

UE4 avatar SDK 1.27: ANYONE ?

Did someone has implemented the Oculus AvatarSamples coming with the SDK 1.27Succesfully?I mean with the customized avatar from your Userid. I did not find a solution to do that.

Neontop by Level 7
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Issues with SplashScreen

Hello everyone, I recently ran into a problem with Oculus and Unreal 4.18.1. When I package my game and try to start the application, the display of my Oculus stays black and doesn´t show anything except the guardian grid. I found out, that this has ...

Unreal Engine 4.19 - Multiview not working

IHiI am using UE 4.19 source build from Oculus. Trying to run some tests with the Mobile Temple demo assets on my Oculus GO. Basic demos from UE4 and my own test code works fine on the GO. But I had some issues with the Mobile Temple assets. As per d...

dsanjit by Level 2
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Cannot launch to Oculus Go from Unreal Editor

I'm working on getting a test project launched to the Oculus Go from Unreal, and hitting a snag. Here's what I've done so far:Grabbed the ADB driver for the Oculus Go from here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/mobilesdk/latest/concepts/mob...

kmack by Level 3
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