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Horizon Worlds Build Team

Hi everyone I am a 14 Year experienced designer starting a horizon worlds build team where we are going to have days set where we have tutorials on how to build/script as well as have 3 levels of builds that people can choose from a creator to build ...

Add Spain to Horizon Worlds Registration

ENGLISH (INGLÉS):In Horizon Worlds Registration: Isn't possible to select Spain as Country. Spain doesn't appear in the country list. How it's seen in the next screenshots:   Spain have a big community...

IMG_20211213_120742.jpg IMG_20211213_120759.jpg IMG_20211213_120815.jpg IMG_20211213_120844.jpg

The Worlds and Workrooms Age Limit Seem Pointless and Unfair

TL;DR: Facebook Horizon Worlds and Horizon Workrooms is closed off to any users under 18. Even though there are a ton of safety features in both, like muting, blocking, personal boundary, and the Community Guide surveillance, Meta won’t allow legitim...

build mode horizon

When re we getting more shapes in horizonworld we can only do soo much with limited shapes or at least get a shapes manipulations tool or somethingalso the following is recommended by other usersGraphics:a graphic update too be more clear on our avat...

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