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Air Link cannot find PC

Imma keep this as short as possible.I got a new 5GHz / 2.4GHz router so I could use Oculus Air Link without it stuttering every five seconds (my previous router only had 2.4GHz). When I try connect to my PC it just says "searching for device" but can...

Clurtyx by Level 2
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Air Link not loading

Earlier today I turned on my Oculus Quest 2 for the first time and it was working all fine till I decided to try and use Air Link, It connects to my Laptop and clearly shows on both my headset and Laptop that they are connected but whenever I go to l...

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Intermittent Air Link Lag

Hey there I recently got my Quest 2 after having not touched VR for a few years on my old Vive. I want to play some of my Steam VR games but am struggling to get Air link to work properly. I'm paired with my PC just fine, the PC is connected to my ro...

Air link not working

Every time I try to air link my oculus quest 2, it allows me to click on pair, but won't connect or launch. I have tried restarting both my laptop and my oculus, uninstalling the oculus app, disconnect and reconnecting the wifi and nothing seems to h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Quest 2 won't pair with PC

Hello all, SummaryOculus Quest 2 is unable to pair with PC via Air Link DetailsI try to connect Quest 2 to my desktop PC, and select Oculus Air Link from the headset menu. The PC appears there correctly but when highlight it then select the PAIR butt...

Oculus link not showing any computer

Lately, I've been trying to connect my oculus to my computer via air link. But when ever I click air link no computer shows up. I've waited 10-20 minutes at one point waiting. I have the oculus app updated all the way. and the oculus is on v37. my in...

Air Link Help (Oculus Quest 2)

I kept thinking if the Oculus Quest 2 can use a USB with a charging cable on it for Air Link.I have tried that, but nothing helped.During use, I thought it would work from going onto air link in my Quest 2 and enabling air link.I need some help from ...

air link not working

I got the oculus quest 2 for Christmas, and when I set up air to my pc/steam, it worked for games like gorilla tag but when loading a heavier game like windlands 2 the game display on the quest would freeze up and crash, but on the PC side everything...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 & Steam VR performance issue

Just bought Quest 2 and wanted to play some vr games I have on steam (Radeon RX 5300M & Vega 10)But any game on steam vr is very laggy, image cropping and 100-200 ms / 13.9 ms. I have Oculus Link cable, but with Oculus Air Link same thing.Googled it ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Air Link Wont Work!

Ok, so I'm trying to get into air link right? But whenever i press launch, there are 3 loading dots. and when the loading is over,it takes me back to the oculus home screen. And, I get a message when trying to launch...

Screenshot 2021-05-03 190453.png