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Quest 2 Latency - 50ms-70ms+ Oculus Link

Quest Link Running at 50-60+ MS Latency After dealing with this for what feels like centuries, talking with customer service for a full hour (their solution was to FACTORY RESET MY HEADSET), and watching COUNTLESS latency guides on YouTube, I think i...

Kwilv3r by Level 2
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Resolved! Quest 2 Freezes when playing beat saber

I recently bought beat saber and it frequently crashes within 30 seconds of entering any level, I cant even get past the tutorial before it crashes. Beat saber is the only game where this happens, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Beat Saber Modding

Can I mod Beat Saber without my Oculus Quest 2 becoming paperweight (Useless and Unuseable) In my opinion the Beat Saber songs that are on there are really boring and not fun. Can I mod beat saber without my oculus quest becoming locked (unable to us...

Gauge12 by Level 2
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Can't install Beat Saber on Admin account

Please fix the installation process. I had to do a factory reset in order to install Beat Saber under the admin account that had already been installed on another account. There was no error message with diagnostic information. When you clicked insta...

jbelina by Level 2
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Resolved! Beat Saber with Billie Eilish music pack

I am new to Oculus 2 and just bought Beat Saber with Billie Eilish music pack (via Oculus store) but none or her songs are included in my game, it tells me that I need to buy them now. I thought that I'm buying the basic game + her music pack in one....

Gimiak by Level 3
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Beat Saber

I would like some more music. From Justin Bieber to Papa Roach, Metallica, Blue October. Let's get some more music choices on here. I love the music you have but I want more.