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Bluetooth pairing of gamepad with ver38 SW

In latest SW, ver38, all Bluetooth pairing moved from Experimental features to "real" features.When bluetooth pairing an external unit, it can behave in two different ways:it is sometimes shown as a new device but without the “Input device” feature. ...

GaimItg by Level 2
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Is gamepad input broken in version 40?

I concerned that gamepad input may be broken in version 40. I have been using gamepad input with several apps - some custom, some in the app store. It has been working great in version 39 with both an Xbox controller and a HoboLoco foot controller. H...

Bluetooth headphones with Beat Saber.

When playing beat saber with my bluetooth headphones I had stuttering in the gameplay however as soon as I disconnected them they were fine, any advice or does anyone know if this can be fixed or if it is a bug for everyone. I use the Sennheiser HD 4...

CLAR-KY by Level 2
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