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How to enable handtracking 2.0 on Unity?

I've updated to the latest OVR Plugin, can't see anything new.Some of my apps heavily relies on quick handtracking and could really benefit from it. Also, is there a link for direct contact form for development support? Can't seem to find it either. ...

Hand Tracking with Unknown Sources

So I've started a unity project using the Oculus Integration asset and made a build with all the right packages, then exported the APK onto my Quest 2. When I open the app from the unknown sources library, it launches and runs perfectly, although it ...

Hand Prefabs are attached to Controllers

I started experimenting with unity to grab and interact with objects. I am using Oculus Integration and available Oculus prefabs "OVRControllerPrefab" for quest 2 controllers and "OVRCustomHandPrefab" for hand tracking. The hand tracking works great ...

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