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Oculus Quest 2 Charging problem

So my Oculus Quest 2 isn't charging, I played it until it's dead the other night so I thought nothing about it and put it on the charger, next morning I woke did some stuff came home to a non charge headset and it's still dead, I looked at the cables...

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Oculus Link would not work on Windows VM

I am running a Windows VM on a MacBook Pro to run Oculus Link and use my Oculus Quest 2 but the Oculus app would not detect the VMware Graphics adapter. VM Graphics Spec -Device Name - VMware SVGA 3DManufacturer - VMware Inc.Chip Type - VMware Virtua...

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Resolved! Trouble with multiple Quest 2s

Alright, so the school i go to wants to buy about 13 Quest 2s. We currently have one. And they employed me to get some information about how this stuff works. I know a bit, i read some articles about how it works but i still dont know anything. So th...

Factory Reset

'I have just recently factory reset my Quest 2 to fix a problem with my link cable, but when I tried to finish the setup, I was unable to since my left controller's broken (as well as lost). Is there any way for me to finish the setup without having ...

Air link not working

Every time I try to air link my oculus quest 2, it allows me to click on pair, but won't connect or launch. I have tried restarting both my laptop and my oculus, uninstalling the oculus app, disconnect and reconnecting the wifi and nothing seems to h...

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Buenas. Estoy pensando en iniciarme en la realidad virtual pero tengo algunas dudas.El producto seria las oculus quest 2.1- solo se puede jugar al catálogo oculus?2- se puede utilizar para jugar a juegos de PC normales ( aunque no sean realidad virtu...

MIC not working native in Oculus Quest 2

Hi. My MIC on my Oculus Quest 2 does not work. It ssems to be working - when i make a record with mic i have sound, it works. But in other applications like Bigscreen for example - nobody can hear me. I checked - i have priviliege and it turned on, i...

blade and socery crashing

I can load the game and I can get into a map. but as soon as I pick something up or try and spawn in a wave it freezes. with a black screen on either side of me and behind a flipped image of the frozen image in front of me. I have played it for about...

Oculus 2 not connecting to Computer

My Quest 2 isnt workingI plug everything in the right way and i set up the oculus app on my computer, but when i look into the oculus i only see a black screen, even after opening games. I can hear the games sound but i cant see anything. On the USB ...

Oculus not pairing with oculus app

I got my oculus quest 2 for Christmas and the first time it did connect to my phone but then my sisters boyfriend factory reset it from the app and connected it to his phone to share his apps with me but when I wanted to buy a dlc for a game it told ...

Link cable not working

Ok so I recently bought a quest 2 and got the link cable to hook up to my pc, however, whenever I tried connecting by cable it would just keep the loading circle going endlessly (attached image) and wouldn't pick up on the cable despite it being plug...


Support for DualSense controllers

The Quest lineup being on Android 10 means that many newer controllers fallback to the generic Android key layout. This is a sub-optimal experience for interfacing with 2D applications/games. Android 12 officially added support for the PS5 DualSense ...

Radeon RX 5500 XT ?

Hi, I've bought myself a quest 2 and I wonder ,can I run it without wire on my pc? Some people told me yes (in low everything) and others that I need a 1000 € graphic card? I've tried but its all laggy...Is there anything between? Like a 250 €graphic...

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360 photos have black vertical line

Hi Community, This is my firs time posting in the forum so apologies in advance if I am not doing it properly! I am creating 360 photos using my mirrorless camera and stitching the photos on my PC. I export the photo with a 2:1 ratio, 5400x2700 pixel...

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