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Black screen

After I system updated my Quest 2 every time I turn it on I only see a black screen (no boundaries, no controllers, no passthrough). The volume GUI comes up and so does the restart/shutdown menu after I hold down the power button (the 3 loading dots ...

VR feels weird after the recent update

So I launched my Quest 2 and the first thing it did was to update the headset. Then when it started, the title screen felt weird. The room I was in didn't move naturally when I turned my head. I started to feel a bit sick, something I've never experi...

Quest 2 stuck on v21; Can't update

• Stuck on v21 since forever• No option on the headset to update• Automatic updates are turned off in the app• Dev mode is on• I have used SideQuest to try various apps• I have used the headset many times over the last 6 months and I always just leav...

tineras by Level 2
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