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Windows 11 Support

Is there any news on the Oculus Link software getting Windows 11 support? The workaround is inconsistent and can be frustrating to keep the debug console in focus, having to take off headset, go to P.C, click the debug console, go back to play space,...

PLEASE FIX WINDOWS 11! for oculus quest

I want to play my games again, its taking so long and no work arounds or nothing that work. i cant go back to windows 10, there are to many things to change and stuff if i need to do that. How difficult can it be to fix this, not that much could have...

New PC has Windows 11, Oculus won't install

Bought a new PC, and it came with Windows 11. Now, when I go to install the Oculus software, it downloads and installs and at the very end gives no error other than it says the installation failed, and to reboot. So, aside from wiping and installing ...