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Oculus link low bandwidth

Hello, I have an oculus quest 1 since april but when I use oculus link with the official link cable and 5gb/s usb-c to usb 3 adaptator. Wehen I do a test the app say I'm in usb 2 and I have only 300 mbps. The cable is connect to a USB 3.2 gen 1 on my...

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Oculus Link Cable will not work

Hi everyone - have a bit of a problem. My Link Cable (new) will not work. Neither the PC or Quest 2 get any type of notification. The light on the side of the quest is orange. I'm baffled as to why it will not work. Air link is off - I've done a fact...

Quest 2 - Link has no video (wired or wireless)

I use a wired link to my Quest 2 to play MSFS-2020 in VR, but recently Link has stopped working. I get audio but no actual video in the headset. The guardian still works, but I'll either get the 3 dots 'wait' symbol or nothing at all while the PC scr...

Link cable not connecting in Oculus app

I have connected my Oculus Link cable (Im using the Anker cable) to my pc and tried multiple ports but the cable isnt showing up when attempting to set up device, it works with airlink but its so laggy its unusable

Extending the Quest 2 Link Cable?

Afternoon everyone! I'm looking to get the official link cable as 3rd party ones have failed me. However, it looks as though the official link cable is a USB-C to USB-C? My issue is that I use a USB 3.0 Extention cable that's powered in order to exte...

Cant boot up oculus link quest 2

I have the wire connected, I have the software on my pc, i enable oculus link when prompted on my quest 2, i open it up and i get this message "we have an important update for you please remove headset to continue" what do i do