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I can not connect the oculus link gives an error: a hardware problem does not allow you to enter vr. Make sure the headset and sensors are plugged in. Tell me what to do?


Oculus Link On Quest Not Working

I use Oculus Link with my Original Quest. I use the charging cable that came in the box. When I use it, it sometimes isn't detected. My PC is above the requirements, so I don't know why it was doing this. It said "General device problem", which is in...

Wumixe by Level 2
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SteamVR doesn't seem to want to stop.

I've been playing using Link for my quest 2 for at least 3 days, and have only been able to play BONEWORKS as of recently, because of some weird bug.Ever since running SteamVR to play yesterday, It keeps saying that I am "Playing" SteamVR when both S...

Oculus link stopped working after weeks

Hi everyone,I've been playing with my Oculus Quest 2 linked to my pc via Oculus app for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, since two days ago it stopped working for no reason: when I try to link the headset to my computer I only get the three dots lo...

texdade by Level 3
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Resolved! Oculus App keeps restarting when headset is plugged in(quest 2)

So i will start by saying i got the quest 2 when it came out. everything was working good for months. I had a titan xp with a ryzen 7 3700 and 64 gb of ram. Now about a month or two ago i got an AMD 6900XT and i have been getting weird problems ever ...

Resolved! Oculus Link disconnects from PC

I was playing through the oculus link and after I changed rendering resolution and restarted the Oculus app the oculus link stopped working. Now every time I connect to PC my Oculus Quest 2 disconnects and Oculus app posts a message that it cannot fi...

Denvick by Level 2
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Official Link Cable Not Detected by App

Hello everyone. I am frustrated trying to figure out why the Oculus Link official cable, which I just bought, will not be detected by my Oculus App on PC, thus rendering me unable to use Oculus Link. The connection is detected by my computer, which I...

Tetris Effect: Connected Crashing Oculus App

So, I've run into a rather strange problem that I would like to get some help on. I recently installed Tetris Effect: Connected via the Microsoft Store, and started having some trouble with it almost immediately after I began playing. It would let me...

Oculus Quest 2 does not connect to PC via Oculus app on PC

I have tired everything, plugging and replugging, turning on/off.Always asks if I can like share data in my PC with my Quest 2, I always accept but it keeps flashing on screen multiple times.I bought a $30 connecting cable, tried both my 3.0 USB plug...

I need help with getting my oculus link to work again

When i plug my cable in the back into my motherboard which is usb 3.0. I keep hearing the usb connected and disconnected sounds. And it won't work. But when i plug in and usb to usb extender that is usb 2.0 and than plug it in there it does work. But...

Oculus Link

Ive been trying to use my Oculus but it keeps crashing. I have the Quest 1 and a USB3.0 cable and meet the requirements, yet it still crashes. I dont know how to fix this.

Oculus link not working

Anyone know what is causing this issue with my oculus link cable? my asus zypherus laptop it does this, it works fine on my desktop, and what cable and port I use doesn't affect it. It used to work on this laptop, but it st...

Remyzk by Level 2
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