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Oculus quest 2 replacement right controller

Ordered and received a new replacement right controller directly from Oculus and the right replacement controller will not turn on at all! I tried using 9 different batteries that will work in the left controller but not the right replacement control...

Resolved! Discount code not working.

The welcome25 code is not working. The app shows the discount subtracted.When I go to confirm the payment from my bank, it shows the full amount. This is very serious and makes you look very bad!

Magatok by Level 2
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Screen flickering repeatedly

Whenever I try watching videos in the browser, every time I enter full screen it starts flickering every few seconds non-stop. I looked it up online and it seems that other people are having the same problem but there was no real solution. Any guesse...

Tetris Effect: Connected Crashing Oculus App

So, I've run into a rather strange problem that I would like to get some help on. I recently installed Tetris Effect: Connected via the Microsoft Store, and started having some trouble with it almost immediately after I began playing. It would let me...

Oculus Quest 2 - Pairing Problem

where do I put in the pairing code? (both PC app and mobile app have absolutely ZERO option for inputting the code) "unable to communicate with oculus quest 2""location access is needed for blah blah blah" ALL OF THESE I HAVE GOOGLED AND TRIED EVERYT...

Curgus by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 does not connect to PC via Oculus app on PC

I have tired everything, plugging and replugging, turning on/off.Always asks if I can like share data in my PC with my Quest 2, I always accept but it keeps flashing on screen multiple times.I bought a $30 connecting cable, tried both my 3.0 USB plug...

Quest 2 microphone randomly stops working.

I bought a quest 2 the other day and the microphone randomly stops working in apps and party chat, the people in my party say "it sounds like I'm fumbling my mic". I didn't change any settings, it happens with both my external headset, and the built ...

Cant boot up oculus link quest 2

I have the wire connected, I have the software on my pc, i enable oculus link when prompted on my quest 2, i open it up and i get this message "we have an important update for you please remove headset to continue" what do i do

My microphone randomly went super quiet!

hi, im using an oculus quest 2 recently and i'm really enjoying it. However, today, when i was playing recroom, my mic just went super quiet. i had to scream just for someone to hear me in the slightest. someone please help! this is not with oculus l...