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Quest 2 loading steamvr issues

Hi, ive got a bit of an issue regarding oculus link and steamvr and hoping someone can help. Whenever i use my quest 2 for oculus link and launch steamvr my cable magically disconnects from my pc and it kicks me off oculus link mode, this only seems ...

SteamVR doesn't seem to want to stop.

I've been playing using Link for my quest 2 for at least 3 days, and have only been able to play BONEWORKS as of recently, because of some weird bug.Ever since running SteamVR to play yesterday, It keeps saying that I am "Playing" SteamVR when both S...

Quest 2 Touchpads not working in SteamVR

Hi, I just purchased a Quest 2 and want to use it for SteamVR (Half life Alyx). I am connected and in-game via usb 3 with a C-to-A cable. There are no warnings about performance in the oculus software. The finger presence touchpads next to the button...