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Oculus not responding after DHL lost faulty Oculus Quest

I've been in contact with Oculus Support for around about a month, in which they provided me a paid return shipping label for my faulty Oculus Quest 1 (broken strap). They assured me that they would send a replacement - so with this promise in mind, ...

How can a Support issue be escalated?

When I added a second Oculus to my account, suddenly all existing Payment Methods disappeared and I was unable to add additional payment methods. I tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox as well as the Oculus itself and used two different paypal accounts an...

Rift S won't connect - Support won't help

Hello, I was directed to come to the forum pages from the support team after over a month of troubleshooting my Rift S device. Ever since an update back in February/March my Rift S will no longer connect due to a failed "sensor check". However, while...

Issues after V30 update

My headset updated to V30 on Friday. Then all my apps disappeared which was found out to be a fault on oculus side. When they all came back, some of my games either won’t load or crash out! I’m assuming the update to V30 has caused the problems. sain...

Resolved! Everything is missing

Whenever i go on my quest it shows that i have absolutely nothing in my library no browser no games etc, and when i go to the store nothing shows up at all i had tons of games and now i cant play any, help?Also i think this started as soon as i start...

Oculus Quest 2 - cast to PC problem

Hello! I'm sub-account in Oculus Quest 2 device (main account belongs to my brother). Whenever i'm trying cast to PC there is only black screen on my link and in Oculus i can see "red dot" for casting. How can i resolve that?

AirLink Connection / TV Streaming trouble

Hello guys!I have BIG troubles with:Connecting my Oculus Quest 2 to the PC via AirLink (in order to play steam games)Streaming my Oculus Quest 2 to TV (Xiaomi Mi Stick)It's really weird - in both cases i'm allowed to make a connection from time to ti...

Its been 10 days and I still cant get Oculus to install

So for some reason Oculus decided to uninstall itself when i tried to repair it, which it told me to do, and now it wont let me reinstall it. Ive tried restarting, reinstalling, deleting files, safe mode, reinstalling the installer, giving it admin p...

Reepus by Level 2
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Tetris Effect: Connected Crashing Oculus App

So, I've run into a rather strange problem that I would like to get some help on. I recently installed Tetris Effect: Connected via the Microsoft Store, and started having some trouble with it almost immediately after I began playing. It would let me...

Drivers caused UBS problems.

I just downloaded the new drivers for the Rift S. After they had downloaded and installed, all of the USB ports on my PC had stopped working. I’ve restarted (manually) to no avail. I can’t even open my PC because I can’t connect my keyboard or mouse.

gpossst by Level 2
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Cant boot up oculus link quest 2

I have the wire connected, I have the software on my pc, i enable oculus link when prompted on my quest 2, i open it up and i get this message "we have an important update for you please remove headset to continue" what do i do