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About music permission

We have a number of songs to play into a VR experience in development and we have questions of legal nature. In addition to having permission from the author to use these songs, is there any other process required by Oculus? Are there any other requi...

Merging developer accounts?

I have an Oculus account and a Facebook account. I have been making apps logging into the developer centre using my Facebook account.I have made no apps logging in with my Oculus account. The ovr-platform-util only works with my Oculus account.I log ...

Video Recording Tools

It would be great to have a few more video recording tools. The most basic tool I'm currently looking for is safe titles. A digital box that would appear when i begin to record and shows me whats in frame and If my headset is level or not. There are ...

"SeLinux avc: denied" uploading an apk.

Hi, I'm facing a problem uploading an .apk using Oculus Developer Hub.The .apk is a project created in Unity and it works fine.Developer mode is active.The first time, I have successfully upload the app.Then I've modified the project, I've rebuild th...

External camera on the Quest 2

Hey there, I want to put an external camera on the quest 2 so I can get live view in unity for AR. You may be wondering why I would want this. I am working on making a psychosis experience. For this I need the real world with different kinds of effec...

New VCR - How to be an approved developer?

The new VCR mentions needing to be an approved developer to be able to publish on Quest store. being said, nowhere does it mention how to apply to become an approved dev. Any information o...

oculus /unattended broken?

a month ago /unattended worked for silent installs. I check back today and it just breaks the installer. making it so you cant go forward in the install process also not proceed with the install.Is anyone else having this Issue?

Oculus Go + browser + videos won't play

Apologies in advance I'm not familiar with how things work around here but I was hoping someone could answer if not resolve the issue I'm having whenever I try to play a video in the oculus browser and the Firefox browser. When the video starts to lo...

why the heck

Soooooo my oculus used to be and hour behind my time but right now its 5:00pm and my oculus now says that its 3:00am and I have no idea how that happened but oculus had all the time to make the headset but they could not make time to put diffrent tim...

Player Coordinates

In VR games and programs like the VR animation player, is there some way to find the world coordinates of the player and/or other objects? Perhaps in the game files stored on the computer? I know that game engines do have coordinates, and most progra...

Dan1004 by Level 2
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Uploading App with block Chain

Hey,So I was just developing an Application where people can buy land ..Build their Castles and attack on other's castles as well..!!but to purhcase land and sell and allias they need to buy materials from my shop inside quest using crypto coins and ...

Uploading Application

Hey, So I was just developing an Application where people can buy land ..Build their Castles and attack on other's castles as well..!! but to purhcase land and sell and allias they need to buy materials from my shop inside quest using crypto coins an...

Setting up user created Avatars with 2.0

I was wondering if anyone has any luck getting the new Avatar 2.0 system set up with your custom avatar? I've got it all working with the presets but don't really understand how to set it up so I can load my custom avatar.

DaWeege by Level 3
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Oculus Rift Sensor not detected

Hello, I cant find the sensors, neither on the device manager nor the Oculus app.Iam absolutely clueless. * I use powered USB 3.0 Hub* one does partly work when not fully plugged in the port( but appears as 2.0)* the headset worksfine, just the senso...

Oculus install and SCCM

Morning all, Does anyone have any experience of or links to how to conduct an SCCM install of Oculus on Windows 10? I need to know if there is a way to deploy Oculus to a number of machines remotely using SCCM and not require any interaction from the...

Passthrough and hand tracking, hand size

Hi,I managed to use both hand tracking and passthrough with new Unity2021.2.5, OculusXR plugin 1.11.0, XR Plugin Management 4.2.0. But the hands are smaller then my own hands. OVR Custom Skelteon script with update root scale seams to do nothing.Is ...

kshaja by Level 3
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