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Lag when using Quest 2 for PCVR

About a week or two ago, I've been having a recurring issue while using my Quest 2 to play PCVR games using the Link Cable. My frame rate is fine when I start up Oculus Link but as soon as the Oculus Rift Home loads in my frame rate drops to roughly ...

FOV is really zoomed in on certain games?

Whenever I play some of my games, they are really zoomed in. And I don't mean that they’re huge or small areas; I mean that everything is zoomed in on the screen. It's basically if the edges of the screen were cut off and the rest of the screen was s...

I can't reinstall the Oculus PC app

I uninstalled the app some time ago, but now decided to reinstall it. When I firstly tried everything worked great until the app said "Can't reach the Oculus network", so I decided to delete all Oculus folders and try again. This time it didn't even ...