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Quest2 mirroring launched automatically

Hi all,I developed Architectural Visualization environment in Unreal Engine for the Quest2, and while doing the presentation we use an external tv ( with google chromecast ) so that whoever is doing the environment presentation is able to see what th...

how to create oculus business account

Dear team, Greetings of the day hope you are doing well. I work for an organization we have a concept for Virtual reality.before that we are using the HTC kit for our business purpose for now we are switching to oculus quest 2.I need a little help:-1...

App with free trial in applab

We want to publish our app in the applab giving users an option for 7-day free trial. After 7 days all the features will be disabled from the app (For full version users can contact us). Does meta allow these kinds of trial-apps in the applab. We are...

Hand Grab Pose

I've been diving into the Oculus Interaction SDK, trying to recreate various interactions and I'm having an issue with the Hand Grab Pose. I've made an object that works the intended way when using the rig that is available in the example scene, but ...

Oculus Store

Does anyone know how long the Oculus store game page needs to be up before the game can be published? I heard 30 days, but I can't confirm this.

Review times

Does anyone one know what the official review time for Oculus Quest games is? Or does anyone know how long it is currently takking to complete the VRC and Content review?

Web Tasks no longer close properly

We are launching a web task from our native VR app as described here: Until recently we were able to close the web task and activate our app via an intent by redirecting the browser to our cust...

OSC/WebSocket/MQTT to Quest

Hi there, I'm trying for a few days to have something working on UE4.27 and I'm hitting a wall. I've made a blueprint where i'm able to receive OSC input data from a remote laptop to a UE4.27 app that then triggers an event (for now print something o...

valfg by Level 3
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Rotating child of held object using hand tracking

Background: I am attempting to create a rubiks cube that is interacteable with the quest's hand tracking The issue i am having right now is that the OneGrabRotateTransformer that constrains an to only a rotation in one axis does not seem to work when...

qilliz by Level 2
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OVR Metrics failing to launch

Hey! OVR Metrics used to work just fine on my Quest 1, and I was using it for performance profiling. However a colleague needed to use my Quest 1 and added her account via multi-user. Ever since then, OVR Metrics has failed to launch. Every time I tr...

Enable/disable passthrough at runtime causes crash

Hello, setting ovrManager.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = true works great and turns passthrough on, and setting it to false turns it off. but doing it over and over again, my app crashes at some point (sometimes on the first try sometimes on the tenth...

Calibrating position in real space

We're developing apps that work in large real spaces with the guardian system disabled. As such we need to perfectly align the user in physical and real space. To do that, we're using a controller as the calibration point. This requires the user to p...

crossmr by Level 4
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How do I download player data?

Hi,Sorry that this is a really basic question but I couldn't see how to find the answer. I want to be able to track my player throughout the game (on a Quest 2) and then download the data (where they went, what they did etc) onto a PC - could someone...

Control UIHelper LaserPointer with mouse?

I'm working on an application that uses the DebugUI. Everything works fine on the Oculus but if I try to run it in the "Game" view inside the Unity editor, there is no mouse support since it is designed to work with a controller. Is there any way to ...

External Depth sensor - 3d meshes

I am doing a project where I would like to mount a depth sensor such as a 3D depth camera, sonar or Lidar onto the HMD, to detect obstacles in real time and then represent them as point cloud data or 3D meshes onto the display. This way the wearer ca...


Seeking Developer for Meditation Immersions

Hello.My goal is to create / hire someone to help me create group hypnotherapy sessions.-Music-Nature immersions-My voice overCommunity with Oculus glasses. I would like to know if you have someone I can hire / List of affordable developers? HERE in ...

Bluetooth pairing

So I’m currently attempting to connect my apple magic keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to my quest. I keep getting this pop up that says incorrect key or passcode. I can never finish pairing. Any idea on how to fix this. I have tried to uninstall and r...

Hopeful integration of steam in oculus store

Hi, I was just thinking if it’s possible or not for a steam app to be released on the oculus store for quest and quest 2. This app would let us play pc games on your all in one headset without a high end pc. Meanwhile on pc, steam could have a sectio...

Jeddley by Level 2
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Horizion worlds streaming computer

I have an idea for Horizon Worlds I'm just curious since I'm a content creator and have been a beta tester and love the application but I'm curious if we will ever get to stream our computer to the app so it's easy for us to have shows such as live D...