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App with free trial in applab

We want to publish our app in the applab giving users an option for 7-day free trial. After 7 days all the features will be disabled from the app (For full version users can contact us). Does meta allow these kinds of trial-apps in the applab. We are...

Too long review time

In the case of the app that I participated in the project as a consultant, it was returned after about four months of the process including Oculus' misunderstanding after submitting it to AppLab. Therefore, it was re-submitted with a much simpler fun...

can not upload openxr to applab

I tried to upload an alpha to app lab in the Oculus developer hub.i use unity with open XR.but when I try to upload it, these errors appear: This APK includes, but not The Unity native OpenXR plugin is not yet fully...

Keka_ by Level 2
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Our org's apps not visible on Quest 2

Hey there, We are trying to set up a headset for one of our clients, but have found that this particular headset refuses to display any of our organization's apps, while our other headsets do so flawlessly.The account involved has full access to our ...

AppLab Approval times

Hi - I submitted an app on Feb 17, 2022 ... after 4 weeks i received a change request for the artwork. I re-submitted the next day after changing the artwork, and its been 4 additional weeks now (8 weeks since original submit) and the app just sits "...

Resolved! Requesting Microphone Permissions on App Lab

So most threads on this topic are talking about excessive permissions, however I actually need to use the microphone permission. How could I submit my app with microphone permissions, without getting this error?

Pangwen by Level 2
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Upload an app - oculus developer hub problem

HelloI am trying to upload a virtual reality app for architecture in the oculus store via oculus developer hub.When I try to upload the app I get a banner with the following errors: ********************************************************************...

How user can get their oculus email?

Hi. Sometimes when I try to add a user's email to a private app lab release channel, the system says the user isn't found. How can the user find the email associated with their oculus/fb account? Is it simply their fb email? Some users say they've se...

vizmoo by Level 2
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Oculus making Game Show games?

Can Oculus make Game Show VR games like. Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Press Your Luck, and Deal or No Deal with a Community Leaderboard and Online Multiplayer options? I think it would drastically increase revenue for Oculus and also create ...

How Do I Get unity build on Oculus Desktop

Super beginner question, so I have unity VR build and I am able to upload my apk file to my oculus quest 2 directly. But I want to be able to play this game as a build on Oculus desktop. Is there a way to do this? Do I need to make it a standalone ap...