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Custom Hands shrink when adding colliders

So my job has insisted I learn game dev/vr dev for better or for worse and I'm having a pretty bad time of it, I do not get along well with this at all and the squeeze is on for "progress". I've been trying to add colliders to hands (using controller...

Quest 2 Touch Controller Emulation

Hey guys, more of a broad question looking for thoughts. I was wondering if it's possible to emulate the HID profile of the Quest 2 Touch Controllers. I wanted to write a program that allows something like the Virtuix Omni to work with Quest 2. I'm a...

Hands not appearing in-game post v37 update

We've had a couple of players report they don't see their hands in-game now after the v37 OS update with controller firmware applied. Have tested on numerous devices in the studio for pre-v37, old and new avatars enabled, no avatar set, firmware not/...

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