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Resolved! Disable account sign in while developing

Hey all,I'm hoping to find a way to disable the account sign in on a quest 2 while developing on it.I am finding it quite tedious to hit the sign in each time I put the headset on to test something fresh while developing. Is it possible to disable th...

Casting from Q2 to phone on secondary account?

My partner is the Admin/primary account on the Quest 2. He can connect his phone on the app and cast just fine, so I can watch him play from his phone. But if I want to play on my account, the secondary, he can’t watch me play.We can’t cast via my ac...

Hopeful integration of steam in oculus store

Hi, I was just thinking if it’s possible or not for a steam app to be released on the oculus store for quest and quest 2. This app would let us play pc games on your all in one headset without a high end pc. Meanwhile on pc, steam could have a sectio...

Jeddley by Level 2
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Horizion worlds streaming computer

I have an idea for Horizon Worlds I'm just curious since I'm a content creator and have been a beta tester and love the application but I'm curious if we will ever get to stream our computer to the app so it's easy for us to have shows such as live D...

Oculus/Meta browser

I enjoy watching Disney+ on the Oculus/Meta browser and using the theater screen mode so I can reposition the view up so I can watch while relaxing in my recliner. I am having 2 issues. The first issue is the headset started going into standby mode a...

Coffeh by Level 3
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Resolved! Trying the desk feature to work - opinion

So, I have an excel project that I'm working on from home. Figured I'd try the new desktop feature on the quest to work on my computer. Drew in the keyboard area. I could have sworn last time I was playing around with this; the quest created a passth...

Quest features

Would love to see the ability to use a phone in the home setting. Since the quest already connects to your phone, seems like it would be a possibility?

Handtracking app - true recenter API for Unity

Hi all! I'm making an hand-tracking game as a seated or standing experience.While standing, the user sometimes move around a bit, after time its offset causes the game to act weird for obvious reasons. While recentering with controller is very easy a...

Metzada by Level 2
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Make reposts for people

I can log in to Facebook from my PC and download a screenshot photo from my glasses, but why do I have to do this every time? guys, add the pliz button in the repost somewhere else. how terribly inconvenient

Horizon worlds suggestions

Clock widget below building mode make it optional! Add a warping tool for building in horizon. General suggestions, when on oculus and on any game have a Battery is critically low alert pop up on corner or edge of screen when oculus gets close to low...


In the year that I've had the Oculus 2, the browser keeps getting worse. Each iteration takes up more and more actual browser window real estate. First there were the double height tabs at the top of the window. Then there was a ridiculous and useles...

Connecting with Horizon Worlds Staff

I have been playing Horizon Worlds for a few months now and I love it. There is so much flexibility and creativity. I really see the potential for large-scale adoption. I have a few ideas and pieces of feedback I would like to give to the staff as we...

Cannot disable Guardian anymore

Some serious issues here on a couple of Quest units (one with v34, the other with v35)Once I turn Guardian off in the Developer menu (BTW, congrats for messing the UI up in v35...) I can still see the boundaries and as soon as I walk outside passthro...

Virtew by Level 3
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What are good App Lab numbers?

I have an app on App Lab. Just wondering what would be considered good daily numbers for an app with no advertising...other than sidequest picking it up and listing it. It's been out a couple months and the numbers seem pretty consistent from what it...