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Cloud Sync Issues on Quest 1/2

Recently (since update v28/v29) more and more users seem to have issues with Cloud Sync not working properly and prevent the game to launch (loading forever, or making the game return to home after trying to launch).It seems to only be a small fracti...

Sudden error on Unity OVR Build and Run APK

Working on a game in the App Lab in Unity for months and never had an issue before when uploading to my Quest.Haven't changed/updated/whatever and now when I hit the OVR Build APK and RunIt builds the apk and gets up to Installing APK but then gives ...

JediL by Level 2
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Oculus Browser - set start page?

I have a fleet of headsets through Oculus for Business. We deploy Oculus Browser on it for our WebXR project. Is it possible to change the start page in the browser, so that our site comes up automatically? If so, is it possible to do through Workpla...

Renderdoc for Quest: no Render Stage Trace

Following the instructions at https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/tools/tools-renderdoc-renderstage/ I expected to see a render stage trace. But clicking the "oculus logo" button in the Event Browser has no effect for me, and the Tile Timeline...