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Applab wait time before testing?

Hi all,When submitting an application for applab (just as a release channel, not for the store just yet), I have noticed that it sometimes takes a very long time before users (including myself) can test the application. Is there a way to check when t...

120 fps in WebXR apps?

I get 'only' 90 fps yet in my WebXR "MiniMol" molecule viewer at https://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/webxr/mini.htm. See e.g. https://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/webxr/mini/1crn.htm. Is used navigator.xr.requestSession(SESSION_TYPE, {optionalFeatures: ['high...

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App Labs Approval Broken?

We're not able to update our apps on the Go because it's been sunsetted. Now, we're also not able to get our apps approved through App Labs as they're incredibly backlogged. We've been waiting for months. So what would you advise developers to do to ...

storyup by Level 3
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Oculus Browser - set start page?

I have a fleet of headsets through Oculus for Business. We deploy Oculus Browser on it for our WebXR project. Is it possible to change the start page in the browser, so that our site comes up automatically? If so, is it possible to do through Workpla...

Unreal vs Unity?

For an experienced VR app developer with a high level of expertise in both Unreal and Unity, which platform is the better one for making an Oculus Quest 2 app? I am part of a team at the very beginning stages of developing a series of apps for the Oc...

olycrew by Level 2
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Sleep recenters my camera

I'm making a game in Unity for Quest 2 and I have a problem with the camera. If I'm positioned in a certain way in the game world and then takes of the headset long enought for it to go into sleep. When I put it on again a few seconds later everythin...

Resolved! Apps not showing up in Test User accounts?

Is anyone noticing that your app is not showing up in new Test User accounts? The apps DO show up in the Test User accounts if you make the Test User a developer in the organization, but NOT if you invite the Test User by email. This is true includin...