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Quest2 mirroring launched automatically

Hi all,I developed Architectural Visualization environment in Unreal Engine for the Quest2, and while doing the presentation we use an external tv ( with google chromecast ) so that whoever is doing the environment presentation is able to see what th...

App with free trial in applab

We want to publish our app in the applab giving users an option for 7-day free trial. After 7 days all the features will be disabled from the app (For full version users can contact us). Does meta allow these kinds of trial-apps in the applab. We are...

Hand Grab Pose

I've been diving into the Oculus Interaction SDK, trying to recreate various interactions and I'm having an issue with the Hand Grab Pose. I've made an object that works the intended way when using the rig that is available in the example scene, but ...

Euler Angles from HeadPose.ThePose.Orientation

How do I get euler angles of the oculus quest 2 headset? I tried using over_GetTrackingState, but I got invalid Y-axis rotation. X and Z angles work correctly, both in this printf test, and in the game I am integrating this into. The Y-axis is only a...

Problem with Meta Avatar2 load

I'm trying to load the avatar using the user id provide by oculus account but I'm having a problem because the log gives me 'failed' I set the app id information on the dashboard and unity these are the log states IEnumerator TryToLoadUser() { OvrAva...


Web Tasks no longer close properly

We are launching a web task from our native VR app as described here: Until recently we were able to close the web task and activate our app via an intent by redirecting the browser to our cust...

Disable Passthrough and Guardian

I recently upgraded to v43.0.0.178. I haven't looked at the developer settings in a while but disable guardian is no longer there. It says 'guardian boundaries may only be disabled for content development purposes'. My guardian stays on even if I hav...

AR development assumption

Hi, guys I am quite a beginner at learning Quest development on Unity.I have tried to archive the passthrough function by Oculus Integration SDK package.But the question is that anyone who had tried combining the AR core or AR foundation or Vuforia, ...

Diabor by Level 2
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Meta Quest Pro

Do we have access to any developer tools for Meta's upcoming headset potentially titled "Meta Quest Pro". Would like to start developing an app for the new headset. Thanks 

M_DUBBS by Level 2
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Developer Mode on Quest 2 without app?

I have a Quest 2 and an Oculus account. I don't have a Facebook account (and can't get one). Is there any way to set up developer mode on the Q2? I activated the Q2 using an older version of the Android app. So I can connect to the store, download ga...

Air link for Unity development

I have absolutely no issue setting up air link, connecting it to my PC and launching it BUT... it does seem to time out after a few minutes and reverts back to my Quest 2 home. Is this due to inactivity or something? And is there a setting that I mig...

How to teleport using hand tracking in Unity

Hello everyone. I am a new developer using Oculus with Unity and I am trying to use hand tracking on my application, but I can't find any resources about how to create a teleport system using just hand tracking. Do you know where I can learn how to d...

Refund Quest IAP Purchases?

I've been searching around but is there no information about if it's possible to refund IAP to someone who accidentally purchased items in game. Is this possible to do?

Display full screen video

Good evening everyone,I'm trying to develop an application who's only purpose will be to display video coming in over a web socket on each lens. I essentially need direct display access to the individual displays. Is this possible?

rbkay78 by Level 2
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Distance controllers - sensors

Hi, I´m a developer trying to create a training app but i need to use one of the controllers, not as a hand but as an object quite separated from the sensors in the helmet. I´ve tried to set a wide boundary room but only managed to separate the contr...