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Cloud Save Failure

Hello, I am trying to save some data to the cloud using the CloudStorage2 API. It works well for me on my headset, but another colleague trying out the same gets this exception below. Kindly help me understand what conflict is this exactly and how ca...

Anti Aliasing In Unity with URP

Hiya! So I'm having issues with Antialiasing in Unity on a Quest project, it doesn't seem to matter if I have my project set up based on the Oculus documentation or not: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-conf-settings/ Things are...

OVR_BB by Level 2
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spectator mode for quest 2 not working

The feature is supposed to provide a 3rd person camera that is controllable on the device that is being casted to butthe actual implementation does not correctly set the camera view in the app that is being casted to - instead of modifying the positi...

Strange OVROverlay movement.

I'm working on a Unity project that has odd behavior for OVROverlays. When in the Quest and looking at a stationary object with an OVROverlay component, turning the head causes the overlay to appear to move a small bit in that direction. The display ...

Sleep recenters my camera

I'm making a game in Unity for Quest 2 and I have a problem with the camera. If I'm positioned in a certain way in the game world and then takes of the headset long enought for it to go into sleep. When I put it on again a few seconds later everythin...

Resolved! Move OVR camera but not hands

Hi, I'm trying to build a VR climbing application in Unity for Quest 2. I want to be able to move the camera position to simulate change in elevation while leaving the hands in the same place. I have tried to do this by using ovrCamera.transform.Tran...

ak.7334 by Level 2
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Unreal vs Unity?

For an experienced VR app developer with a high level of expertise in both Unreal and Unity, which platform is the better one for making an Oculus Quest 2 app? I am part of a team at the very beginning stages of developing a series of apps for the Oc...

olycrew by Level 3
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