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Memory Error when opening the overlay menu

While monitoring the Android logs, and running my Unity Quest game, and pressing the Oculus button to open the overlay menu, I get this wierd memory error: error getting shared memory region, memory type: Controller, failed with Status(-1, EX_SECURIT...

SanCity by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to save anchors

OVRAnchor.Save() always returns false, indicating failure.I'm using the SpatialAnchor example scene from the Oculus Integrations package.Passthrough is working, and anchor creation is working.-Unity 2022.1.16-Oculus Integrations v43-Oculus Quest 2 (d...

Unable to persist Spatial Anchors on Quest

OVRSpatialAnchor.Save() always returns "false" for me. I'm able to create the anchor, just not save it.This is my stack:-Unity 2022.1.16-Oculus Integrations package v43-Oculus Quest 2This error seems relevant. It says my package is not trusted:09-13 ...

Problem with Meta Avatar2 load

I'm trying to load the avatar using the user id provide by oculus account but I'm having a problem because the log gives me 'failed' I set the app id information on the dashboard and unity these are the log states IEnumerator TryToLoadUser() { OvrAva...


spectator mode for quest 2 not working

The feature is supposed to provide a 3rd person camera that is controllable on the device that is being casted to butthe actual implementation does not correctly set the camera view in the app that is being casted to - instead of modifying the positi...

Spectator Camera for Casting

Hey All, I've been trying to get the Oculus Spectator mode ( working, but I can't even get the example scene to work. The switch between first-person view and spectator view doe...

Justvdl by Level 3
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AR development assumption

Hi, guys I am quite a beginner at learning Quest development on Unity.I have tried to archive the passthrough function by Oculus Integration SDK package.But the question is that anyone who had tried combining the AR core or AR foundation or Vuforia, ...

Diabor by Level 2
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Any success with bluetooth mouse input?

I am struggling with this problem for some time and I have no idea how to solve it.I am a bit basic if it comes to the Java. I am using Unity to develop my app and I have problem with mouse connected to the android device via OTG usb. The problem is:...

Oculus Developer Hub obb download

Hi,I'm currently working on porting a Unity game from Rift to Quest 2. The issue I'm facing is regarding split applications using obb files. I uploaded both the apk and the obb file via the Oculus Developer Hub. (ODH) However, when I install the game...

hgcl by Level 2
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can not upload openxr to applab

I tried to upload an alpha to app lab in the Oculus developer hub.i use unity with open XR.but when I try to upload it, these errors appear: This APK includes, but not The Unity native OpenXR plugin is not yet fully...

Keka_ by Level 2
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Cant Figure out Oculus IAP

Hey I am trying to do in app purchases with oculus quest I made the SKU's, got approved for IAP, and have platform SDK in my unity project. But I have tried all the tutorials and cant figure it out! Any help is appreciated thanks.

Passthrough renders on all unlit transparent materials

Hey I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue.I am working with passthrough in a quest app and I have a movable passthrough window as a tool for the user. It looks great and its rendering just the way I want it, it is based off of the oculus demo...

Poggle by Level 2
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Finding Boundary Coordinates?

I'm developing a simulation in the Quest 2 using Unity and would like to access the boundary coordinates. In the past, there was a GetGeometry option but it appears to have been deprecated. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Enable/disable passthrough at runtime causes crash

Hello, setting ovrManager.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = true works great and turns passthrough on, and setting it to false turns it off. but doing it over and over again, my app crashes at some point (sometimes on the first try sometimes on the tenth...

Oculus Integration or XR?

I have been creating a game which I am hoping to get onto the Quest 2 in the future. Whilst everything has been running smoothly using the XR plugins I was recently told that for games to be published within Oculus the Integration kit needs to be use...

Spatial Anchors - why track them per frame?

I'm learning about spatial anchors. My test app can create them, make them persistent between sessions and query them at startup. So at the start of the app, you can query them, make them trackable and display specific content at their location. My q...

JeffNik by Level 7
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