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Buffer-based Haptics are broken for Quest 2

Haptic controller vibrations are a crucial tool for creating game immersion. While simple "buzzes" (a constant vibration amplitude for a specified duration) can be serviceable, modern controllers allow developers to play custom waveforms through the ...

Resolved! Possible Bug in latest Oculus Integration?

Unity 2020.3.27f1Oculus Integration 37.0Oculus Desktop App 10Using Link Cable CPU: i7-12700kRAM: 32GBGPU: Geforce GTX 1080Ti Create New ProjectFollowed all instructions on: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-c...

Application SpaceWarp breaks shader graph

Currently it seems that once the SpaceWarp compatible URP fork is installed, all shaders graphs won't work anymore with the error on many nodes: `GePrevObjectToWorldMatrix`: function must return a value. Is there an easy fix for those types of errors...

Occuros by Level 2
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Shaders missing in build

So I'm working on a VR game for the oculus quest using Unity 2020.3.6f1 and have gotten to a point where I am pretty happy with the look in unity. But when I exported it to standalone a lot of shaders were missing, the particle systems, the linerende...