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Buffer-based Haptics are broken for Quest 2

Haptic controller vibrations are a crucial tool for creating game immersion. While simple "buzzes" (a constant vibration amplitude for a specified duration) can be serviceable, modern controllers allow developers to play custom waveforms through the ...

One grab rotate transformer broke

Hi, I use One Grab Rotate Transformer for joystick which give a boost to she ship and when is rotate and give boosted to ship and i ungrab joystick, after grab it again I cant rotate him anymore. What should I do?

Hand Tracking Quit Working in Editor

Greetings,A week ago, both the hand tracking projects I'm working on, would show my hands when I played in editor. But yesterday and today, I can't get hands to show in editor anymore. One of my project I'm on a collab team, and everyone else on the ...

Tracking Mode Floor

Hi, I have a question about the Tracking Mode. If I use Floor and try to recenter in the Oculus Home Menu, my Characater's Y Position changed to a different one. I thought Tracking mode Floor is always the correct height above the floor or am I wrong...

Oculus Integration Entitlement Check

Hello all,I am experiencing an issue with the oculus integration package that I'm looking for help with. The goal is to pull product data from the in-app purchases addon on the oculus dev dashboard into a text box inside my unity project. I have an e...

editor settings.png Screenshot 2022-08-29 182046.png Entitlement Check.png Testing Purchases.png

Change Meta avatar transparency

Hello, I want to make a remote Meta Avatar fade in and out. I can't find a way to make the avatar transparent. I can't find a way to access the mesh render and change the alpha channel. It must be possible as in the documentation they put best practi...

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 16.33.04.png

"Attach socket" with Oculus Interaction SDK

I'm trying to recreate the "attach socket" (XRSocketInteractor) from Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit. Has anyone had any success? I've read through the documentation but can't come up with a simple way to do this. I've even tried writing my own script...

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Disable OVR Logs ?

Is there a way to disable the ovrManager and ovrAvatar 2 logs ? (other than comment line in script)it's difficult to debug with hundreds logs comming from them..

Can't get Addressables from OBB?

I still can't figure this out. I'm trying to use addressables and store them in my OBB expansion file for my quest game. Everything should be downloaded at install time, not worried about updates or DLC right now.Everything works perfectly in the edi...

URP and Quest

Can I use URP on Quest, and if so, can you help me find the docs? While a veteran of the VFX industry, I'm a virgin with game dev and Unity. I have been trying to understand the different rendering pipelines in Unity, I like what I see in URP and I h...

Resolved! OneGrab Transformer for moving the OVR camera

I'm trying to create a climbing game where you grab an object and when you move your hand the camera moves in the opposite direction (as though you were really climbing). The problem I'm facing though is that in the hierarchy for the OculusInteractio...