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Have a Horizon Worlds building question? Can't quite get that script to work out the way you want? Ask away! Please stay on topic - Off topic posts are submit to removal.
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Horizon World Learning Hub

In Horizon Worlds, you and your friends can collaborate and bring your wildest ideas to life—without ever leaving VR. Want to learn how to create worlds in Horizon Worlds? Check out the tutorials in the Horizon Worlds Learning Hub and start building ...

Zbornox by Community Manager
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Resolved! Horizon Worlds Coming Soon

Hello,I am developer, I bought Quest 2 for development in Horizon Worlds but it says coming soon in the App Store. Kindly help me in this issue. How can I download it and do development in the Horizon Worlds. I checked on some forums it says that hor...

Scripting Wearables Help!

Hi guys!! Im currently working on a water park world with one of my friends, and I can’t figure out a way to get an object to attach to your hands & torso. I know there is scripting involved and I can’t find a way to make the script work. Any ideas o...

eriicaa by Level 2
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Resolved! Duplicating objects with scripts

Is there a way to duplicate complex objects with scripts? I was trying to duplicate bows from the launching template and no matter how much I clear stuff out of the way and try to circle everything around the bow, the duplicate never has a string tha...

Sopwyth by Level 3
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How to find/delete space junk?

If you have a world, devoid of any obvious geometry, with player capacity 4, but the capacity meter for physics/objects/geo says ~15%, how do you find and delete whatever secret stuff is chewing up such a huge percentage of build capacity? Sweep sele...