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the title says it all. when trying to visualize the raycasting with the oculus sdk, osp_unity_getraycasthits always returns i will include a screenshot to show what i mean. I am on unity 2020.3
Hi, my reflections and reverb work fine in the editor, but they dont work when i build the game. does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening?
Hello,Sometimes when firing a weapon, it sounds like the sound is playing twice. the map in the video below has no onsp geometry, though the glitch also happens sometime with geometry defined. this bug is also kinda rare, and only happens sometimes.h...
Hello, i am creating an FPS project, and recently replaced steam audio with oculus spatializer. It works great for the most part, however for some reason gunshots sometimes "skip". i cannot pin down the cause for this behavior, but have included a vi...
Hello Oculus,My project uses assetbundles to allow users to create custom maps. When they package a map, they mark a scene with an asset bundle label, and all of the referenced files within the scene are automatically added to the asset bundle. the o...
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