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I doesn't want to use 5g wifi on a quest2. This tech scaried me.To much near my head. I'm worry about possible brain cancer.I want to know how to use quest2 by wire, without 5G wifi.How to disable this horrorible 5g?
I'm worry about quest 2 using 5g. I'm read many bad warnings about 5g tech and worry about my health.Is anybody know how to disable 5G in a quest 2 and do not dammage glasses? Is this possible by programming or solder a microcircuit ?Any tools or way...
Is this possible?Any one know some way to do this?not 2d emulation with a flat screen but something like Mario64 in a quest2 VR mode
hello guys, is anybody know how to find 3d movies for oculus?I'm talks not about Avatar 3D movie for a cinema, but for movies for a glassess. I prefer 180 stereo.I found only porn.I'm interesting to whatching something like this but without a **bleep...
hello guys. I'm ask oculus team to add setup app for android 4. Pls support me, vote for my suggestion.pls add setup app for android 4+ – Oculus feedback (