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right now not a lot of people know about the cv1, most people still think when you're saying oculus, you're talking about the dk2, a lot of people don't even know any vr headset exists, oculus and htc needs to sell it at popular retails like the ouya...
so my rift has been fogging up every time I play elite dangerous, Id literally have to wipe it with tissue to make it go clear then after a few blinks later, its foggy again.strangely enough, this only happens when I play elite dangerous. anyone know...
what should I get next? elite has mixed reviews on steam but I feel as if most of the reviews are for the non vr version.
I thought you guys were saying theres like a glare of digital light that annoyingly blocks the lens, if you're talking about that distortion of light on the edges of the circular lens then how is it annoying?
the only thing htc vive is better in right now, is the room scale, and hand controls, everything else in my opinion, the cv1 is better in(I don't look at technical details like which one has a higher hpd or whatever its called)the first thing I notic...
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