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So I got a DK1 back in October and right away I hacked Morrowind to run on it with a modified DLL, but then halfway abandoned the project due to the small amount of people who played it, plus IRL stuff, and the fact that my DK1 is now obsolete and no...
6/6/16 - I finally rewrote the OP... editing this literally gave me a migraine but it's finally cleaned up! If you want to look at the old one for some reason, I archived it here*ahem* anyway. DISCLAIMER- Tested with Disk (GOTY)...
I haven't been able to find anything about this by searching, but I've just been integrating the SDK into something and no matter what libraries I add to the project, I can't make these two unresolved external symbol errors go away. I'm linking with ...
So I've been doing some research into how the PSX gpu worked. Turns out they had a GTE -- Geometry Transformation Engine -- rather than an ordinary GPU. From what I've been able to surmise, their chips did not support floating-point calculations, so ...
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