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OMG - Deploying native quest so much easier on latest Oculus Build 4.26.2.... Just finished building new PC and was dreading setting up the the build environment. So... much.... easier .... now. 1) Download and compile engine from Oculus github.2) Cr...
FYI - The new Feb 25 blog post has the correct info for Unreal 4.26 release, but the link to the "Unreal Engine 4 Integration" is the old 4.25 release notes....
Using Oculus UE4 version 4.25.4.If I add a sub-level set to initially loaded and initially visible I get a crash in:01-05 10:14:07.858: D/UE4(4086): Ensure condition failed: Scene->GetShadingPath() != EShadingPath::Mobile [File:I:/GitHub/OculusUnreal...
Is it possible to attach Visual Studio to a running Quest 2 game? Similar to how you debug an XBox or Playstation console?
I am having problems getting RenderDoc for Oculus to work.I am using the Oculus build of UnrealEngine 4.25.4 and Vulkan.Using ODH, I downloaded and installed RenderDoc for Oculus v23.1(forked from v1.11).When I switch the Replay Context to "Oculus Qu...
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