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Is there any chance of us getting access to the Oculus store and setup prior to the 28th so that we can pre-load some games?
https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/41n3mw/i_posted_insider_information_on_vive_a_month_ago/As far as speculation goes, this post and the ensuing discussion really line up with what we are seeing from HTC, mainly the delay from 2015 winter launc...
So the word is that pre-orders get a place in line for Oculus Touch orders.My question is then for those of us who will not be pre-ordering because we are getting a kick-starter CV1, will we get a place in line for touch? I would seriously consider p...
Doesn't look like Vivie\Valve is going to be at E3? I mean I suppose they just had a successful reveal so you don't have to show up at every expo. But E3 even though it has shrunk is still one of the biggest gaming expos, even if it is more focused o...
I know this has been touched on in a few threads but I just can't help but wonder about it again. It seems like even if CV1 comes out with a resolution of 2560x1440 there may be some discernible SDE. It would seem to really wipe that out you should i...
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