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I'm trying to change the Unity quality settings on-the-fly in-game with QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(1);. In the editor everything works fine, but in the built version the textures on objects and skybox get messed up. Here's a screenshot. The text...
Firstly I have a question: Should I make two different versions, one for DK1 and another for DK2 or should I just do DK2 version (because you can play it with DK1 too)?If yes, is there a command to check whether the user is using DK1 or DK2?
There are few of us with DK1 but no DK2. As a non-dev I'd like to wait for Consumer Rift but still try the new DK2 games (new SDK so better latency/wrapping/timewarp etc ?)After having some trouble with the Runtime I managed it to recognize the DK1. ...
Made this short demo after testing how it would feel to be launched high into air and got some nice vertigo.Sorry for the simple and empty look, I put this together in a day and I have other projects to focus on. Also the mechanics and animations are...
I have noticed this weird things with current Dev Kit. When looking at some textured object that is right in front of you, your eyes tend to both look at it and simultaneously focus at it. Because the Rift is focused into infinity, the texture just g...