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I thought Oculus would have supplied a simple solution, but they didn't. I just couldn't find it:...until I stumbled on VRsideloader: So if you are stuck like I was. This is it.
Testing Application building for the Oculus GO when pressing "Build and Run" and half way through the build I first received this message: "Require API level 26" with three options below "Update Android SDK" or "Use Highest Installed". Choosing "Upda...
It's all incredibly complicated, sending an app to the store etc and getting lost along the way. Is there no easy way of sending an app to the Oculus Go and test it here and now? I remember in the old DK2 days I simple tested the app from within Unit...
Untill recently I have been developing apps on the now redundant DK2, (since Oculus updated their SDK and leaving old fashioned DK2 users stranded). So I am now thinking of upgrading, getting a brand new iMac, top specced while holding on to my PC as...
I just bought a top specced out iMac. My previous development was on a PC and DK2. Since Oculus’s new SDK rendered my DK2 redundant I bought a new iMac because I like it a lot. I was thinking of buying a new Oculus to match. I can’t find much referen...
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