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Unity 2020.3.25f1 Assets\Oculus\Avatar2\Scripts\Skinning\GpuSkinningConfiguration script makes Unity crash when I hit play. If I remove this script, it works. Edit: It's related to the "Source Morph Format" texture setting, it crashs when set on "Hal...
1) Thereis an issue with "ovr-platform-util.exe".It don'tinstall the needed redistributables. I triedto install all redistributables with -r "606493776156948, 133610290311340,1617306711884127, 822786567843179, 1147517301974655, 1604897159783747,11844...
I tried my game and its new email script before sending it to Oculus Store and it worked.Then I sent it to update my existing app and download it through Oculus Home to test it again, it crashed.Edit, crash is related to:smtpServer.Send(mail);I confi...
--- EDIT ---Half-Fixed with latest Unity 5.4.0b9 released (see page 2 for more info).--- END OF EDIT ---Hi,I'm currently updating my game from 0.4.4 runtime to 0.8 runtime.With 0.4.4 runtime, my player was based on OculusUtilies exemple :- a lefteye ...
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