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Hello,I am curious if I can call ovr_Initialize() and ovrHmd_Detect() multiple times in a thread without breaking anything?The reason is that I would like to have a background thread that runs which detects whether the Rift has been plugged in or unp...
Hello,So I am curious about whether any devs on here run detection on their apps when an Oculus Rift is plugged in after their application starts up.Basically, my application can detect the Rift after a user-initiated action or when the application i...
Hello,I would like to include the Oculus Runtime with an installation package that I am creating for a product that supports the Oculus Rift.Does the Oculus Runtime support a silent install via command-line switches?Thank you.
Hello,I have a simple cube I am rendering using OpenGL,GLM, Qt (5.3), and the DK1.Simply put, the left eye is off but the right eye renders fine.I hope the image and code below makes sense; essentially the left eye's rotation/position is all over the...
Hello,After downloading and attempting to use the new Oculus SDK 0.4.4 I now receive the following errors when attempting to compile:Within OVR_CAPI_GL.H (line 65):static_assert(offsetof(ovrGLTextureData, TexId) == offsetof(ovrTexture, PlatformData),...