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Tried multiple cards, including fiance's card, no luck I always get an "Error: There was an error trying to add your payment method." message..
I am a huge fan and have been following and spreading the word of vr and oculus obsessively since John Carmack showed off the duct tape prototype at quakecon.I whole heartedly believe vr to be part of gaming's future.I have had my rift 2 weeks now, b...
While I don't really agree with the current stigma that vr is isolating and isn't social (riftmax/vrchat/karaoke anyone?)I do believe there's something to be said for involving those around you.I really hope we start seeing more people being involved...
Since content needs to be recompiled with the new SDK to be compatible with DK2, is there any indication that Oculus will label content that has been made compatible with DK2 perhaps on Oculus share?Do you guys know of any content that has been recom...
Palmer:I have elaborated in several other posts. The short version: VRDs use a scanning point of coherent light (usually from a laser) to draw an image directly on your retina. The Glyph reflects incoherent light off a DLP chip from three different c...
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