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Hi Im sittting in my well lit living room and the newly paired mx keys mini keeps disapearing then reapearing again... it steems it always disappears when hand tracking is enebladed for example.. How can i make the keyboard stay visible all the time?...
Hey I wanted to continue today on my story and as i booted up the game, i only could start a new game. My Old Savegame is gone. I just installed a revive update but other then that .. i don´t know what happend. Can i get it back somehow. Dont want to...
Hey GuysSo i got myself a debloadted rom for note 4 but unfortunatly the VR Installation Files are also missing.Can you tell me which i would need to start the installation method- and can you hook me up with them?Thanks in advance
Hey I've installed stream theater.. But couldn't find any guide how to setup this thing. I guess it wants an Ip from me. Do I need a static Ip.? Any other things i need to know?
A lot of pros in this forum will be aware of this - but for a new user like me it was amazing to find out that you can watch movies lying on your back. That is a whole new way to watch movies and very chill at the evening. I wonder why Samsung doesnt...
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