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Resolved! Nothing loading in oculus quest

When I load up my VR, I expect to see all my games and apps on the home screen, but nope. When my oculus quest loads, there isn't any apps; it just says "Get more apps". And, when I tap on Get more apps, and go to the store, nothing loads in! Just a ...


Can anyone help me add minecraft onto my sons VR. Find it very confusing and understand what to do. Already has it on xbox


That game has so much potential on this device. I can't see how mark Zuckerberg isn't begging Microsoft in person do use this on his platform. I know I know there is quest craft. But it's so **bleep** buggy it's basically unplayable. I'm just saying....

Zephyrus Prelude 3.0 Update

In this update, we introduce The bridge of Truth. This is a whole new map that completes the story of The Dark River Ruins and the Abandoned Shires. The new map is with an entirely new biome...and much moreClick here to try the new game.

Elephantroom.png Labi1.png Lake2.png

Chess Ultra - the very best VR chess game?

I read this nice article, and the author concluded that Chess Ultra is the best chess game in VR: I'm not disagreeing - and Chess Ultra is right now very cheap to get - and su...

OculusScreenshot1656263760.JPG OculusScreenshot1656263836.JPG OculusScreenshot1656264397.JPG download (2).jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Robinson: The Journey is abandonware.

This game has been broken for a year, and despite complaints and reviews regarding the error on startup, it still has not been fixed, and so is probably abandonware.Could this be removed from the Oculus store to stop people losing money for a game th...

Chen1 by Level 3
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Problem with ingame purchases

Hey, I recently bought PinballFx, I enjoyed it for some time, then I bought some packs (new flipper machines). When trying to download those packs that I wasted over 20€ for, the games throws an error and says I couldn’t download it. I need some cont...

Issue in Build Mode - Horizon Worlds

Hi, I am reaching out to the community to get help. I am referring to the game called Horizon Worlds. I have created my own world. I have been having trouble with my capacity because my animation sections says 85% physics. From my understanding, phys...

MiaRemi by Level 2
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"Move" App Gone?

I worked out today and noticed the "Move" was no longer keeping track of my progress! What happened to it? It was keeping me a running total of my exercises daily, monthly, weekly, and annually! Please help me!? David M. White {Redacted Personal Iden...

Would love to see..

Please please please can we have a decent city builder. The 2 we have just now (cities vr) (little cities) just aren't hitting the mark for me. Something like Thr Simpsons Tapped Out would be awesome. So many different buildings and decorations and t...

Auto Oculus Touch v0.1.7 (Latest release 11 Jan 2021)

AutoOculusTouch is a library and script for AutoHotKey. It allows you to read the state of oculus controller devices (Touch, Remote or XBox controller) from within an AutoHotKey script.DownloadsBinary release -

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Walkabout Mini Golf - enhanced for PCVR?

I do not normally buy PCVR games ported from the Quest, unless devs have enhanced a game significantly for PCVR. This has been my main issue with Walkabout Mini Golf VR, because devs said they did nothing to enhance the game for high-end VR enthusias...

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RuneSR2 by Level 15
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The great free app COCO VR no longer works correctly

This Oculus exclusive app still is a great one: Unfortunately it seems that Oculus has updated some software so that Coco VR no longer works correctly - to quote some recent users, and I have the exact same issue using Rift CV1: "gorgeous but can’t p...

coco_image_1.png coco_image_23.png coco_image_3.png coco_image_7.png
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Multiple controllers

I have just purchased the Oculus Quest 2 (being delivered today). I am really looking forward to several of the FPS's. In such, I also ordered the pistol grips as well as the VR rifle gunstock. My question, can multiple controllers be used at once as...

jr00d0 by Level 2
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Resident Evil 4 VR not available in store

Hi, I recently bought an Oculus largely to play RE4 on it but alas it is not in the store. I've searched and searched. Is it unavailable because I'm living in South Korea? How can we remedy this? Thanks

PokerStars wont start

Hi all.I downloaded PokerStars, but it stucks everytime on welcome screen, actually when it's written "Shuffling decks". Can't do anything from then.Uninstalled/installed app few times, but it keeps happening.

Bought Blade & Sorcery Nomad, can't install.

Hey everyone Paid for B&S Nomad - it's in my library under "all apps" but not under "installed" neither "not installed" - i don't have the option to install it. And when I click it nothing happens at all. Tried to restart the quest2, tried to refund ...

Hajen_ by Level 3
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Creed: Rise to Glory: Ricky Conlan

I have reached Ricky Conan in my career mode, however everytike that I go to participate in th fight, the game glitches on me. It starts skipping rounds every 5 seconds and the fans are blacked out. I did not have this issue to this point. Has anyone...

acks909 by Level 2
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Resolved! Pokerstars VR black screen

Thought I'd try poker stars out.After the pokerstars logo intro, there is just a continuous black screen.I have read many people having a similar issue.Are people currently experiencing this issue?

Star Wars Tales / Last Call

I seem to be stuck or maybe there's a glitch.My latest mission to complete is Fallen Freighter under Droid Dilemma. It says i have to travel to Hissiq springs but it is locked and i cannot travel there. I've completed all the other missions leading u...

Anyone want to play for real money?

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing for real money? Nothing crazy but just like a 20$ to 60$ buy in. A couple of my friends did the regular pokerstars and a zoom call and it worked great but now with the VR I think it will be a l...