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Beginning rollout of version 1.15 (PC software update for May)

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Hey everyone –
Excited to announce that today we started rolling out the Rift 1.15 software update. For a full look at what you can expect, check out the patch and release notes found here: Along with bug fixes and various tweaks, you’ll also find improved 360 degree tracking and roomscale support, along with a few other features. Thanks again for your feedback and reports, and to everyone who helped us test 1.15 early.

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Keep em coming 🙂
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Thanks, it already started downloading last night for me 🙂 Will have to try out my 3 sensor setup again!

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I have a question why did you guys fix the height shifting bug  completely when using three sensors with patch 1.12 only to introduce that problem in the later updates ? I'm not sure anymore which patch after 1.12 exactly made it worse again, but 1.12 was perfect ;(

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I have a strange disease (or could it be the pills?) which make me forget the past, enjoy the present, and imagine the future. I don't even remember why I'm writing this?

Anyway, thanks Oculus, I test this 1.15 for few days ago been in Beta and so far so good! 🙂

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Level 4
And still no official support for 4 sensors!!!
People like me pre-ordered and paid 2 extra sensors to have the best tracking : when will oculus think about us???

Level 4
Now also get rid of the rediculous performance message when not applicable. I5 4460 is more then addequate!

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korgen63 said:

And still no official support for 4 sensors!!!
People like me pre-ordered and paid 2 extra sensors to have the best tracking : when will oculus think about us???

Yeah, but I know some guys with 4 sensors and works flawlessly, so even if it's not "official" are u having troubles with it?

Level 8
For 3 sensors it was in beta for a long time and already worked fine for me, with a non standard setup even!

I think the Home interface is also still in beta, it is on the splash screen in the lower left corner. So it doesn't mean that because it wears the beta tag that it is crap or not polished. A lot of people don't have issues with 4 sensors.

What are your problems exactly?

Level 4
I don't have any issue atm but it's a matter of principle.
Before the pre-orders we were assured that the system will support 4 sensors without problem (info dated from the summer 2016). During pre-orders, Oculus announces that 3 sensors would be sufficient and that 4 will work but these configs won't be supported in the near future.
6 months later we have support for 3 sensors but not 4. We paid 80€ for a non rendered service.