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Game/experiences for Seniors - What do you use to clean your lens?

Level 2
Hello Occulous Universe,
We are a small nonprofit with Senior's Programs and we recently introduced a new program called, "Virtually Anything Can Happen", it's an intergenerational project with our seniors and our youth volunteers. 
We have had some challenges (not with the teenagers of course) finding an experience that works well for a person who is 80+, something that doesn't require wandering around or trying to navigate using the toggles (etc), we know our youth can use them but for most (not all) of our seniors it's a bit of a challenge. Many of our seniors have lived a very isolated life (we are located in northwestern British Columbia) and have really never experienced anything other than their "circle", we would like to change that, even if it is "just" through VR. The idea is that the senior and the youth have the same experience and then share their joint experiences - what was the same, what was different, really just engaging each other in conversations that many of our seniors never have. Many of our youth do not have grandparents either alive or living nearby so this really does help them to engage at that level as well.
What do you recommend as a great shared, game or experience?
Our second request is, what do you use to clean the lens and headgear of the equipment? We don't want to scratch the lens but we also know that with multiple users it's important that we adhere to a vigorous cleaning schedule/regime.

Thanks for your help everyone, as a side note, I am really struggling to navigate some of the experiences. I am also new to VR (we have 2 Rift) so the easier it is to navigate the better πŸ™‚

Thanks - Tracey - Volunteer Terrace

Level 15
Hello Tracey, great that you're doing this!

For cleaning the lenses I just use my breath to fog them and one of those microfiber cloths that you use to clean glasses with.

I'd say that Google Earth VR and TheBlu will be great experiences for them to try, and there are also a lot of suitable games and experiences in this thread which should be pretty good:

Whatever you do, don't put them in Dreadhalls or Alien Isolation VR Mod ???????
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