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'Homes' not populated

Level 3

Am I alone in that the 'Homes' feature doesn't seem to be populated by any other users? Under the 'Places' - 'Popular' menu the 'Active' homes doesn't appear. I just have 'Notable' and 'Recently Updated'. Neither of these are populated. By that I mean 'Guests'=0. Those friends with whom I am most in contact with claim to have the same problem but have little to do with the 'Homes' feature and so are not concerned. I was advised by 'Oculus' to reset and re-install the software. I followed the instructions 'to the letter' but the outcome resulted in no change. If I try again (perhaps having missed a step) I am worried that I could lose my saved games if I make a mistake in the procedure.

I need to know whether others are experiencing the problem and/or whether 'Oculus' are aware and dealing with the matter.