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How do you take screenshots with CV1?

Level 3
Hi guys.

I've done some excessive Googling and searching of this forum but all I've found is "use Print Screen", however I believe this to only be applicable for the DK units as they are simply extended monitors.

Does anyone know if it's possible to take a 2D rendered screenshot of what's appearing on the Rift at any given moment? I'm trying to tell people at work about the Rift and how cool it is and I'd love to be able to show them screenshots of me viewing our daily video conference in Steam VR's theatre mode. Screenshots of games, etc.

Level 9

Morpheus said:

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I'm sorry, I don't know the answer, mate...I'm sure someone here does, though.

Level 4
Not sure if this is blasphemy but I have SteamVR running alongside and just use my steam "screenshot" capture key. I was using BigScreen so maybe it only worked because of that. (included an example)9a0ar1raxaov.jpg

Level 2
This tool can take screenshots.  😉

Level 15
FRAPS (or similar) apps should work.
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Level 2

FRAPS (or similar) apps should work.

FRAPS only captures what you can see in the desktop window, so it will be cropped and you'll only see the view of one eye. And for apps that don't show anything in the window it won't work at all.

When I googled I found stuff about a "Universal Menu" that had a bunch of options including capturing screen shots. But it seems like they've disabled it in the CV1.

Level 7
FRAPS throws up an error if I try to use it when im rifting and no update since 2013? dunno if they ever will 😕

Level 4
I personally use Nvidia ShadowPlay to capture video, which I can then pull screenshots from if needed.  I am sure there is an easier way to do it, but I haven't had much luck outside of this.     

Level 9
have they implemented a native screenshot function yet
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Level 8
You can always "Print Screen"  and capture the current view, such as ...


Just a little clunky with having to take off the headset to process the image from the clipboard.
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