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Oculus Friends List (MEGATHREAD)

Level 15
This Megathread has been updated due to the success it has in increasing the heck out of our Oculus Home Friends List. For those of you looking to add people feel free to send a request to anyone and everyone in this thread; and be sure to introduce yourself.

I would recommend that you simply go through the list and add everyone individually. It makes it easier than having everyone seek you out. Also keep in mind that there is an "expiration" timer with all Friend Requests in Oculus Home, yet people do not always log in daily. If a friend request expires, just send it again later.

If I notice a Friend Request has expired and wasn't re-sent, I will simply send the request right back to you. As of today there are no major interactive features in Oculus Home in regards to being directly social with friends. Although we have heard from Oculus that such updates are coming soon. The best we can do for now is view what applications we are logged in to (based on Privacy Settings) and then stalk each other.

For now, just keep on adding so that we can stress test the hell outta their software when the social update(s) go live.


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Level 11
Welp, you'll be my first fwend evarz if you accept. :wink:

Level 15
Hooray! Added :smile:

Level 11
If anyone wishes to expand my list, add OpticKing.

Level 15
Yeah, feel free to add me: cybereality
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Level 10
Will do when I get home. Kzintzi 
Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
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Level 9
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Level 8
I keep getting random friend requests. Most of which I accept but to be honest I still can't see the point of the friends list if there's no way to interact with them.

Level 15
You can see when your friends are in a social VR network, like Alt Space. Then jump in and talk away.

Level 13
Feel free to add me: FrozenPea 🙂
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