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Order Status Updates?

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Let me start by saying it's awesome that the rift is shipping and even more awesome that Oculus is giving back to the people who first supported them by supporting them first with the "free" rifts.

I'll try to make this short. Is there any expected email beyond the 1-3 weeks update email that went out? I know that pre-orders will be shipping hopefully sometime this week but it's been agonizing holding my breath for any sort of news on my order. I had my order confirmation 1 minute after pre-orders went live and have an order number 613000025XXXXX.

I know people will probably tell me to be patient but I snapped and wrote this post anyway. My gripes with this pre-order has been that there has been virtually no concrete information coming from Oculus in regards to when people can expect their orders. We've gotten vague information about "the first batch" of orders being sent out later this week but apart from the initial time frame on the original order page it's up to people's best guess as to when their particular order will be shipped. Does "the first batch" refer to particular range of order numbers? Has anybody received any additional emails in regards to pre-orders being shipped? I've seen virtually no information for pre-orders.

I guess I'll just keep holding my breath that my order was early enough to be shipped sometime this week but any extra info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Level 4

MVIVID said:

Here's my status just to add to the mix.. I'm also part of the initial 613000025XXXXX group, order was processed and completed 7 min after pre-orders began. Since my Jan 6th pre-order confirmation email, I've received an email on March 24th with a subject title of "Your Rift is Shipping Soon!" saying basically, Hi XYZ, your Rift is almost ready to ship, your order will be processed in the next 1-3 weeks, .."for some customers actual ship date may differ from the estimate you saw when ordering".. (direct quote) with a checklist of "make sure's". Things like check to make sure you have the correct billing info, payment info, that your PC is Rift ready, HDMI port ready, etc.. After that March 24th email I haven't heard anything since. No emails about transactions or tracking numbers. Nothing. I'm hopeful, which I know is pointless, but if it says they're starting mid-week this week, which in my mind means Wednesday, like tomorrow Wednesday.. then we should start seeing progress tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. I hope everyone who's been reading this thread, especially those at the front of the line, would come back here the minute they get any sort of updates. Please and thanks!

Yeah, but they left it very open to failure. They said probably Wednesday which could mean as late as Friday. And who knows what could happen between now and then.

Level 3
For me it is simple, I was attempting to order from the minute it went live. It took me 34 minutes to get it to go through due to issues with the website. I also ordered the Vive within the first hour, I have a notice that I am in the second batch and will be shipping mid to late April. If my rift order does not make April I will most likely cancel. I agree with everyone that not telling folks is a bad idea. If you are not able to do what you said tell people early and be open. This just say nothing just gets people all worked up.

Level 8
Remember everyone, who got a shipping email (1-3weeks), if nothing changes with your order tomorrow (Wednesday), don't freak out! You have already been told how long the wait (delay) can be - up to 3 weeks!

Level 3
The lack of open communication from oculus has me ready to cancel my order and sit VR out for a while. For a new company to be so standoffish to there new customer base is just bad business in general. Just a simple statement on the status of the Rift would go a long way for everyone involved. oh and 26 and waiting blindly.....

Level 2
I´m with 264XXXXX from Germany and haven´t heard anything yet.
I would be relieved If I would get the 1-3 week mail but it is not happening ...

Level 4
Wednesday is here !  All we need an ANSWER !

Level 9
Wednesday morning here in the UK and I've heard nothing more. Although, of course, it's barely past midnight in the fabled land of Oculus, so although I was hoping for an email over night, I wasn't really expecting one, We'll just have to wait and see what transpires later today.

I still think the movement of the shipping date was to cover up some sort of problem, which they're hoping to have sorted out by today. Just depends on what that problem is/was. Could be anything... a minor bug in the ordering software, a bug in the Rift firmware, a distribution problem, a quality control issue or they've simply not got the stock levels they anticipated and are working out how to break the news.

It's early in the morning here and I've not yet had my coffee so I'm pessimistic. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a further delay is announced at some point today, or, more likely given recent form, there'll be a deafening silence until at least tomorrow.

Here's hoping I'm wrong!!! 🙂

Level 4
Im really tired of this silence.. I got order after 16 min from start.. I havenr mail and support advice to become one thing with F5. All this hype is not good guys...

Level 4
Guess more waiting...........
Order# 613XXXX33XXXXX  ordered at LUNCH Time 12:XXPM CST 1/6/2016

Tales we have ALL been told:
*Missed price mark $$$ (understandable regarding premium product) = #1
*Not transparent and out right upfront regarding March 28th shipping to the masses = UGLY slap in the face #2

Hey Oculus Team,

This is a square transaction not a 'dope' deal gone bad!  Please work on the communication factor.  Most are asking due to they believe!!  

Please stop leaving brown butt stains on a New Brand.  Because right now for me regarding Oculus Rift #2 or CV2 really will not even be considered due to business practices from CV1.  

Just watching for a nice meatball across the plate come tomorrow WED 3/30 for a HOMERUN (direct email/communication).  However, it may more than likely be a knuckle curve ball!       

Level 4
I really hope there's some communication today... I'm worn out from the suspense honestly.