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Spectre's Kickstarter Submitted!

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Hey everyone! My development team has been working diligently on Spectre, a volunteer-driven horror game for the Oculus Rift. The team is putting the final touches on our multiplayer demo, and as of a few minutes ago we submitted our Kickstarter campaign for review!

Look forward to seeing the Kickstarter and multiplayer gameplay footage soon. In the meantime, you can check out our website. It would be great if you sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates. We’ve been posting new screenshots, so you please check it out.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter:

We’re really excited about Spectre and driving a community-developed multiplayer game. We are running our campaign transparently so everyone can see what goes into making a VR game and building support on Kickstarter. We will chronicle our journey on our website blog.

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When I saw the URL, I immediately thought of the original Spectre VR. Do you guys remember that game? It was an early 90's tank game, originally for the Mac. The Spectre series was memorable mainly because it had one of the strangest retail boxes of the time.

The game itself wasn't particularly remarkable, unless you were a really hard core tank-game connoisseur.

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I wonder what "VR" meant to those devs back then. If you were to tell them that in 2014, a game with that name lets you put on a virtual reality headset and enter the game, they probably wouldn't be able to comprehend it. Or, they'd have looked to the Virtual Boy and laughed.

Anyway yes, we were aware of that old game when we chose to go with "Spectre." During the VR Jam, we were calling the game "Specter Seekers", but after months of serious debate and tribulation, we decided "Spectre" sounded spookier. I figured that old game was obscure enough that it wouldn't cause any confusion. Not like our runner-up name choice: Super Metroid VR

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I think the VR version was the LAN networking version of Spectre 3D. And if I recall correctly, the Mac version also included the ability to texture map QuickTime movies on certain objects. Other than that, I think the VR postfix was mainly just a marketing ploy.

Anyway, I didn't mean to derail your thread. Just thought I'd whip up some nostalgia. Good luck with your Kickstarter campaign! 🙂

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Yeah, yet another Horror game for the Rift. :?:
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Yay, thanks DeadlyJoe 😄

Also, don't worry Hadtstec. Unlike other horror games, Spectre is the best one.

Haha, but legitimately, Spectre was one of the VR Jam finalists back in September, and we didn't even have a multiplayer mode back then. Here's a video we compiled of a bunch of people getting spooked by our game:

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@DeadlyJoe: Ha! I thought the same thing when I saw the thread title. I used to love that game so much.
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