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The Grid VR - Weekly News in Virtual Reality (August)

Level 5
Hi all,

I make a weekly VR news show called 'The Grid'.
Instead of spamming this forum, I create one post for each month and update it with the latest episode.  

Here is August:

Ep 24 August 27th:
DOOM VFR, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Vive, TPCast, Observer VR, Kingspray, Aircar, Chroma Lab

Ep 23 August 19th:
Rez Infinite, Killing Floor Incursion, IT, RoVR, Build a Car, Neurable, Defense Grid 2, IOTA Mech Game, Alt Space

Ep 22 August 5th:
Sansar (Second Life), Gunheart, Archangel + Medium, Oculus Quill, Alien Isolation, Resident Evil Sales, 3D Chess Set